Welcome to High Park – the biggest park in Toronto

Located on the west side of the city, still in Toronto but almost bordering with Etobicoke (remember, Etobicoke officially starts after the Humber river – somewhat common misconception that High Park is in Etobicoke but actually it’s not, folks), this nature, forest like gem can please your eye with massive territories all covered in trees, trails and green space. Isn’t is awesome? Wait for it, High Park even has its very own High Park Zoo where you can pet friendly lamas on the weekends or even have a look at the adventurous and charming capybaras who escaped from the zoo last year, which made the headlines of daily news.

lama in high park zoo

That look the lama gives you like “heyyy dude!”

Going further, if you are a fan of active lifestyle, you can find a public tennis court and open air swimming pool that turns into a rink during the winter. Otherwise, the park is sooo huge that you can surely bring your own athletic activities and fun exercising ideas into life. Frisbee, soccer, volleyball – just name it! High Park will be ready to accommodate everyone who is keen on staying active and healthy. And, oh, almost forgot, for the yoga people out there, it’s an amazing, quiet place to breathe and get some headspace!

If you are feeling hungry or thirsty, there are a few restaurants (rather, just food places) spread around the park. I’ve only been to one of them and, honestly, I wasn’t very much impressed. Grenadier restaurant has quite a lot of space inside as well as outside at the patio. They serve pretty basic food there but it still works as long as you don’t have high expectations (for real). Grenadier restaurant has nice weekday breakfast deals that I would dare to explore later on. I will let you know how it is. 😉

Some facts:

  • It takes about 15 minutes to get from beginning of High Park on Bloor street to the lakeshore… If you don’t get lost.
  • You can skate on one of the ponds located south at the designated areas at your own risk. Not like skating on the canal in Ottawa but still decent.
  • High Park has Cherry Blossoms during April-May and it’s free and everyone is welcome to visit!