The pursuit of HappEATness

Article by Mea

Let’s say it loud: Toronto is an expensive city! According to the latest cost of living report of The Economist’s 2017, our cherished city is ranked 86th but if we consider the housing situation Toronto’s ranking is even worst : Toronto was the 13th least affordable city among the major metropolitan areas ranked in the last Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.

So when we manage to find Cheap Eat places, you imagine our happEATness : mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by eating cheap and really really really tasty food. One of these Cheap Eats, is on the popular Queen Street West, renowned for her extremely large choice of restaurants, pubs and bars. Throughout history, Queen Street has generally been a colorful and dynamic commercial street and this isn’t going to stop especially on the West Side.

Queen Street Restaurant has been on Queen Street West for a long time now. If we based ourselves on the menu, we can guess that it has known many lives through different ownerships which is confirmed by one of the waiters, (Chatting with the waiters over the news and other things can be really enriching, do it more!) This cozy restaurant’s menu embodies some of Toronto’s diversity throughout different waves of immigration. You can literally spend all day in this restaurant and enjoy a flavorful array of multicultural dishes. Breakfast is served all day and it may consist of sausages, sunny sided eggs, orange fruit juice among others. (I was spying on my neighbors customers’ big plates and drooling from the inside.) Branded Canadian and Chinese restaurant from the outside signage, the menu also consists of Chinese delicacies that are as filling as the breakkies and are the trademark of the current owners. Since it was a cold, rainy day, I ordered wonton soup ( such a comfort food) but I wasn’t sure which one to order. You know this feeling, right? When you want wontons, but also pork, but also vegetables, but also noodles… which resulted in me ordering Wonton noodles BBQ pork. This dish costs less than 5 dollars and they are many more cheap eats on the menu that you can enjoy! Queen Street Restaurant also served Souvlaki dinners and Greek salads, heritage of one of the past owners I would assume. I’m glad it’s still perpetuated since it’s not only giving me a reason to come back, but it’s also a clear example of how different cultures can exist on just one menu in true authenticity!