Exclusive: showing simplicity at its finest with the founders of Airiness

Article by Vika B.

What is fashion for you? Is it a sense of style, expensive brands or simply your own creative calling when it comes to picking things that you consider stylish? UrbanPlusLife had a chance to interview Mikhail Kapralov (on the right) and Dmitry Fomchenkov (on the left) – designers and founders of Airiness. Airiness is an emerging fashion brand with a unique statement to convey simplicity in all its forms in everyday aspects of life, such as fashion, photography and design. Mikhail and Dmitry have shared with us their vision on Airiness and how the brand evolved since its inception as well as their personal life story that played a significant role in the brand’s development.

Photo by afisha.ru

Interviewed and translated by Vika Buyuklyan.

UrbanPlusLife: So, can you guys tell me something about yourself?

Mikhail: Dima [Dmitry] and I are best friends. In fact, we have been friends since we were 5 years old, as we grew up in the same neighbourghood, living next door to each other.

UPL: Wow, that’s interesting! So, have you thought about working together and creating a fashion brand when you were five or did it come a bit later? *all laughing*

Dmitry: Well, it definitely came later, but we were working together and independently on various projects in design and music industry during our high school and uni years, which was pretty cool considering that it allowed us to come up with our own creative ideas that consequently helped us build our fashion brand.

UPL: Mikhail, can you please tell me a few things about your life that are related to how you see yourself as a founder of Airiness?

Mikhail: All my life I was surrounded by creative people. Honestly, it all comes back to my family that has been engaged in creating art in its diverse forms for a few generations now. Currently, as for myself, I write music, the activity that I’ve been taking very seriously lately, I also do photography and I actually just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture!

UPL: Quite impressive! Congrats, Mikhail!

Mikhail: Decision to create Airiness was influenced by the passion to express my ideas in design and art and to familiarize other people with my vision within the framework of the same project [Airiness].

UPL: And, Dmitry, same question goes to you, what factors do you think have contributed to you becoming a fashion designer?

Dmitry: I can say a lot of things about myself however what I think is really important to focus on is that over the years, I have mastered my communication skills, which allowed me to connect and network with a lot of talented people. I have also been trying to do acting and sports to explore the strengths of my personality. And oh, I’ve actually been experimenting with designing clothes before and by the way, it wasn’t the first attempt to implement something like that [Airiness brand]. Having worked for more than two years in fashion and sales, now I’m able to see things from a professional standpoint – I evaluate them with certain criteria, which allows me to give them a fresh, brand new vibe.

UPL: Thanks for the answer! Now I can clearly see how both of you have decided to embark on this fashion adventure. So now I’d like to focus on the brand itself. Would you tell me what Airiness is all about?

Mikhail: “Simplicity is not a style. It is a way of being” – this I’d say is the fundamental vision statement we go by. And we don’t only take it as a basis for the Airiness project, we also perceive it as a prism, through which we shape our approach to design overall.

UPL: OK, and when was Airiness established?

Dmitry: We have decided to create the brand back in 2015 but as I already mentioned, there were other attempts to design clothes before. Airiness is all about design, therefore within the scope of this project, we express our vision of the world not only through the clothes but through other things, such as photography, interior design and accessories.

Mikhail: Yeah, and also I’d like to add that simplicity is something that we wanna show and tell to people. The beauty of minimalism, vivid and sometimes sudden accents in design are the things that are essential to our vision. As they say “Simplicity is genius” and considering this, we are striving to achieve a perfect composition in everything we produce within the Airiness brand.

UPL: Sounds good. You said that Airiness is all about simplicity, right? And that’s something that makes me wonder about your target market… What groups of people are you creating your products for? What are the demographics here?

Dmitry: Our clothes, interior design pieces and our accessories are carefully crafted for the people who appreciate style, simplicity, quality and also have an impeccable sense of style.

And to conclude, here’s what Airiness is all about! (see below)

Photos provided by Airiness. Video by Lobo Films.