Unity, Diversity and Prosperity in the 6ix

Article by Mea
 As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with 2.79 million citizens (stats from http://www1.toronto.ca) which also include the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto’s strive towards improving inclusiveness, has always been a continuous one! That is why at Urbanplus.life we welcome the initiative of the city to organize an annual party to celebrate Ramadan, the month of fasting observed by Muslims worldwide. In Toronto, under the lead of Dany Assaf, chair & visionary, Fast in the 6 was organize for the first time yesterday, 9th June as a social gathering to welcome Muslims and their fellow Torontonians to “break the fast” together at 8.59 pm and hence bring more positivity in the portrayal of Muslims. Food trucks like Caplansky’s Deli, Chef Aleem Syed Choco-Churros, BeaverTails etc were selling a variety of food and thanks to Zabiha Halal, chicken Smokies and spicy frankfurters were generously provided for 1$ donation to the food bank. Roasted Corns were generously provided for free as well as water, dates and dried fruit and nut pack which contributes to inculcating the importance of healthy eating in one’s diet. The evening was hosted by Mark Strong, the Raptors In-House Host and the highlight were certainly the wonderful performances provided by talented musicians such as the beautiful TSO Chamber Soloists, the hilarious Mo Amer, the touching Mustafa the Poet and the magnificent hip hop singer Yuna who recently collaborated with Usher. The evening ended with the amazing firework show provided by Fortress Real Developments.

Photo credits: Talha Tabish of goodkid co.
Instagram : @talhatabish & @goodkidco

Fireworks video