Toronto-based photographer shows the city through the lens of urban motion and dynamics

Maxim Goncharenko is a Toronto-based photographer, urban explorer and just a cool lad who shoots his wow'ing pictures on digital and film cameras. His shots are full of energy and life due to the least expected time of him clicking on that precious button that stops the time and captures the moment forever. Whether it is a street festival, picturesque view from Toronto islands or a mere stroll through the city's downtown core, Maxim always has his camera(s) on and ready. His photos are taken in a natural set-up, showing the real side of urban Toronto and its inhabitants and allowing us to discover the beauty of the moment.


All the pictures shown in this article are the property of Maxim Goncharenko and displayed in UrbanPlus.Life Magazine with the owner's permission. All rights reserved.

If you would like to reach out to Maxim to inquire about his work or check out his other photos, please go to his Instagram page.