Manifesto 11 : More Music & Art for the People

Article by Mea
 Being a blog aiming to put diversity and multiculturalism in the limelight, there are some events, we at UrbanPlus.Life just can’t miss in the city of Toronto! Manifesto 11 is one of them, and this year not only does the festival come just in time to kick off the warm season but it’s bringing in its wake, an amazing array of artists! The festival exists since 11 years now and we sure can’t get enough of it! I remember seeing the live concert line up this year and saying to myself how they just keep getting better and better. ( Last year’s line-up was already cool !) And since an eleventh birthday is the time to look back and renew itself, Manifesto is putting diversification in practice for the first time in 2017 with a versatile program that not only unites different forms of cultural and creative performances but also extends the different events throughout summer, fall and winter instead of the usual September’s blast.

Upcoming June kick off

The coming festival events started this week at the Drake Hotel on Queen St West at the House Party with artists: Practice, Killa Kels, Sammy Rawal, Revy B, Abscvnd and Laith at the Drake Hotel tomorrow Thursday 8th June. Manifesto 11 then takes over with a live concert at Echo Beach on Lakeshore Boulevard West featuring The Internet, Majid Jordan, Isaiah Rashad, Jidenna, Sean Leon, Tika, Matthew Progress, Derin Falana and The Sorority on Saturday, 10th June from 3 pm and follows the same night with the High Power after-party with Vashtie, Nino Brown and Dre Ngozi with an entrance fee of $10 at 500 Keele St, Unit 101. Check for more details. The Free Block Party and The Summit will follow this summer and the Art Show and The Rumble are the Fall and Winter happenings this year.

Unite, inspire and empower

As one of the main hip-hop festival in the 6ix, Manifesto has made it a must to put local talent at the centre of its program year after year! And it has remained authentic and loyal to its mission of showcasing local talents that weren’t backed by the scene. When it was first created in 2007 as a result of a «meeting of the minds» at the Toronto City Hall by co-founders Che Kothari and Ryan Paterson, Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture aimed at being this «non-for-profit, youth-powered platform» that would help give local artists more visibility but that will also « unite, inspire and empower diverse communities of young people through arts and culture, year-round.» Today it has not only perfectly unfolded its original vision but has also grown to become this state of the art, world-class quality, award-winning festival and one of the largest Canadian hip hop cultural blowout having a continuous « positive social and economic impact » with an average of over 50,000 annual attendees. No wonder it still remains on top of Torontonians events’ bucket list each year!

Manifesto 11

Majid jordan
The Internet
Isaiah rashad
Seon Leon
Tika Simone
The Sorority
Derin Falana
Matthew Progress

High power after party
Dre Ngozi
Nino Brown