Cherry Blossoms in High Park: Collective Hype About Nature

So, you guys, as you could notice lately: the spring is coming! I mean, it already should be here and it was a few weeks ago but now, it feels like the weather is acting weird with us for having the mild winter. You know what I mean, right? During the last week, the rains have been our frequent guests, the temperatures have dropped, the moods of the city folks have gotten worse… But either way, despite of the things mentioned above and/or other occurrences, people of the 6ix just got sooo hyped about the cherry blossoms during the past couple of weeks. (Seriously, who wouldn’t?!). So, let’s investigate what magic power has affected the minds of thousands of people to step out of their houses, take their beloved ones and head southwest to the wonderful High Park neighbourhood to bring their selfie sticks and other photography equipment. The magic is in the pink – (“Thanks, Captain Obvious!” – would say some of you) – but hey, let’s just have a look at the pictures below!

Just look at this dreamy view!


Zooming in… Ah, what a beauty!


People seemed to take a lot of pictures there. Of course, everybody tried to connect with their own tree and take as many pictures of/with it as it’s possible by utilizing the wonders of modern technology.


Walking to find more trees. It was 9-10 AM on a Saturday and there was already literally hundreds of people. Crazy…


Love that combination of green & pink!

So many people were coming to High Park over the past few weeks to check out the most-talked-about cherry blossoms. In fact, I have never seen so many crowds in High Park before. Being considered the biggest (and the prettiest, I’d dare saying) park in Toronto, on a typical day, you can barely see more than five people walking along the park alleys. Yes, sometimes even on the weekends. This event has truly brought all the people together to celebrate the spring and its beauty. And let’s be honest – you guys should consider coming to the park not only for Cherry Blossoms or Shakespeare in High Park (the link is here if you want to know what that is). Seriously, High Park is awesome every day of the year and I guarantee you, you’ll see it if you come even after the Cherry Blossoms.

By the way, here’s a little observation during the event:

  • There are a lot of cars entering the park and it gets to the point that the policeman is not letting other cars enter the park until a decent amount of cars waiting in the queue to exit would leave. So, if you want to attend the event and you find yourself not in such a great need to drive to the closest spot to see the trees, you could park you car on Keele and Bloor (there’s entrance to High Park from Keele as well) or find a spot somewhere in the neighbourhood located 10-15 min walk from the park entrance. Trust me, it will save you time and nerves and also will certainly give you an opportunity to explore more and enjoy the views while walking! 🙂