Of Legend and Lore: Spectrum Music presents its Fall concert

“Tales from Turtle Island”, Spectrum Music’s unique summer event, mixing poetry and original music was about sharing knowledge and struggles. Poignant, it was meticulously created by musicians, composers and artists of First Nations descent and non-indigenous talents.

Back this fall, Spectrum Music’s event comes just in time for Halloween with” Legend and Lore”.  The Canadian group of composers and curators create an annual concert series merging jazz, classical, pop, and world music.  Spectrum’s concert programs are unique and composed especially for the concerts. These audacious, original and entertaining pieces are given life by Toronto’s best emerging and established performers from diverse genres.

Get ready for a tuneful adventure that will take you back in time this Saturday, 28th October at Alliance Francaise. Popular myths such as the lost city of Atlantis, the mermaid of Dutch folklore and the Aztec deity, will unfold transformed by the musical wizards, The Heavyweights Brass Band.

The Heavyweights Brass Band includes the trombonist, RJ Satchithananthan, trumpeter, John Pittman, saxophonist, Paul Metcalfe, sousaphonist, Tom Richards and drummer, Lowell Whitty. The Toronto’s superstars who jammed with puppets on CBC Kids’ Mamma Yamma, recorded with the legendary Giovanni Hidalgo and are championed by influential DJ and tastemaker, Gilles Peterson will be performing the magical notes concocted by Spectrum Music composers in their rhythmic cauldron. The latter merged jazz, classical, and pop sounds and intertwined fact and fiction.

The program is meant to astonish, fascinate and lull you. In ancient times, a total solar eclipse would have been a startling surprise. Inspired by the ancient Chinese legend that every day the sun was being eaten by a dragon, “Afternoon Confusion” by Graham Campbell depicts a normal day unexpectedly turning into darkness by a mythical creature. With “Atlantis” by Tiffany Hanus, discover the legend of the thriving city engulfed by the sea in a just one night.

Brunhilda, Stuck in Rosstrappe by Mason Victoria tells the story of the princess that ran away from her arranged wedding with a malevolent giant by riding off the cliff with an amazingly strong stallion. Hence the legend of the mysterious ‘footmark’ of a giant horse embedded on the edge of the mountain Rosstrappe in Germany. With the Feathered Man by Jay Vazquez, explore the histological journey of the Aztec legend Quetzalcoatl: which recounts the story of a wise man that changes the path of a civilization (not without destructions).

Manipogo by Paul Metcalfe portrays the meeting with the mythical monster Manipogo, believed to live in Lake Manitoba. Amidst the adrenalin and excitement of finding the existence of such a creature, there is also the scare of not seeing it again. Based on the Dutch folklore “The Mermaid of Westenschouwen”,  Salty by Lieke van der Voort is the revengeful story of the merman who curses the town of Westenschouwen after his mermaid partner was killed by the inhabitants. The town therefore collapsed.

The concert starts at 8 pm this Saturday, October 28, 2017, and will be held at Alliance Francaise on 24 Spadina Rd, Toronto. Happy Halloween! Tickets are $20 for general admission and $15 for students.

More info on Spectrum Music: www.spectrummusic.ca and The Heavyweights Brass Band : www.heavyweightsbrassband.com Get your tickets for the event here.

Banner credits: Yesim Tosuner

Photo credits: “SoFar Sounds”